I’m a crap adventurer – but that won’t stop me!

I possess precisely none of the qualities I see in real adventurers aside, perhaps, from the ability to imagine myself doing things that scare me a bit. One look at me will tell you I’m not cut out to be an adventurer but I’m bloody well going to be one anyway. What have I got to lose (apart from my life … heh heh)?

For me, life’s about taking risks, pushing aside fears, escaping comfort zones, jumping in with both feet. It’s about having the guts to see what you’re made of and not being scared to fail or make an idiot of yourself. I should know; I make an idiot of myself all the time . That doesn’t bother me though, because I’m living my dreams and following my heart – and having a blast while I’m doing it. I’ve gone on a few adventures in my time but I’m preparing to step things up a bit now and take my adventures seriously, starting with a return to Iceland for my 1000-miles solo walk. This page is all about my adventures.

1000 miles solo expedition, Iceland

Third time lucky: The challenge of a lifetime

It’s been my dream to walk to the South Pole since I was 5 but that’s not going to happen for 3 reasons: 1) I’m nowhere near hardcore enough, 2) I’m nowhere near rich enough and 3) I’m crap at being part of a team. So, the next best thing is to embark on a solo adventure that will give me a taste of endurance – month after month of isolation, exposure and self-reliance. Lots of articles on their way 🙂

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Antarctic Peninsular

The closest I’ll get to the South Pole

I was never destined for a luxury beachside honeymoon. I roped Dave into sea sickness and bunkbeds instead. We voyaged to Antarctica on a Russian research ship and nothing could have prepared us for how vast, quiet, mesmerising and magical it was. What we didn’t realise was that I’d accidentally booked us on a very rare hiking expedition that would see us set foot on seldom-visited areas of the Antarctic Peninsular.

Mount Everest Base Camp, Nepal

Two failed attempts, many lessons learned

A lifelong dream of mine has been to summit Mount Everest (just over 29,000ft) to feel what it’s like to have such determination and focus. Back in the real world, however, I can’t even climb a ladder without feeling faint and certainly don’t belong on a mountain with proper climbers, so the closest I could get was trekking to Everest Base Camp (just under 17,600ft). I attempted it twice and failed twice; I don’t thrive at altitude, it turns out …

Tristan da Cunha, South Atlantic

My voyage to the world’s remotest inhabited island

I was spinning a globe at my parents’ house, resenting anyone who was abroad, when I spotted a tiny dot in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean. And so my dream of visiting the world’s most isolated settlement was born. I wanted to sit on the island, stare out to sea and feel what it was like to be the furthest from anywhere. It took me 5 years to find a place on a ship, so rarely is it visited, but I got to spend an even rarer week on the island.

Iceland: Land of Fire & Ice

My favourite place on the planet

Hands down the best holiday Dave and I have ever had was in Iceland. We’ve never taken in so many gasps at the beauty of a place, even Antarctica. We felt so relaxed and privileged because of the amount of space we felt around us and gobsmacked at how varied the country was – everything about it was amazing. We kept to a budget by not eating out and I managed to secure sponsorship for a Jeep, thanks to which we got to explore the south.

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