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welcome to cookieland

I’m Cookie and I’m crap at being an adult. I’ve decided to embrace that fact and have fun with it …

I’ve always believed that life’s about living what’s in your core, not living according to other people’s expectations. For me it’s about taking risks, overcoming fears, jumping in with both feet and not being scared to make a blithering idiot of yourself.

I’ve been sharing my journey, warts and all, for the past few years, during which time I’ve worked hard to overcome agoraphobia, addiction, stress, depression, anxiety, PTSD and more. The one thing I’ve not been able to escape is a cripplingly low self-esteem that has plagued my life. 

Call it a mid-life crisis, call it what you want – I’m tired of getting in my own way. The next phase of my journey is where I throw caution to the wind, push my potential and see what I’m truly made of. I’m making preparations to return to Iceland for my 3rd attempt at walking 1000 miles solo, after which I have even bigger plans. All of them are possible … I just have to be a bit braver and reach4more. 

Thanks for joining me on this adventure called life 🙂

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Outrage Central!

Everyone needs a place to let off steam – here’s mine

These days we live in a tedious ‘culture of outrage’, where social justice warriors hover over their keyboards waiting to rip someone’s character to shreds for saying the ‘wrong’ thing. Even more tragic are those people who say the ‘wrong’ thing and then hastily issue a fake apology under pressure from these easily-offended, freedom-of-speech-murdering buffoons. Well, this is a space where I’ll voice my opinion about anything and everything and at times I’m likely to be offensive, even to myself. If you’re offended, please know that I’ve enjoyed every moment of writing something that will offend you in particular. This culture of outrage has to come to an end soon, surely; it’s strangling the hell out of light-heartedness.

1000 miles solo expedition, Iceland

Third time lucky: The challenge of a lifetime

It’s been my dream to walk to the South Pole since I was 5 but that’s not going to happen for 3 reasons: 1) I’m nowhere near hardcore enough, 2) I’m not rich enough and 3) I’m crap at being part of a team. So, the next best thing is to embark on a solo adventure that will give me a taste of endurance when it comes to experiencing month after month of isolation, exposure and self-reliance. I’m going to walk 1000 miles round Iceland.

Want to be part of my adventure?
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Nervous Breakdown: A Harrowing Time

Did I mention I had a breakdown?!

I had a mental breakdown on New Year’s Day 2001, after two life-threatening events occurred the previous year. I’ve been very open about why it happened, how it happened and the struggle to recover. Unfortunately I didn’t do a very good job and I had a second breakdown in 2017. This time I’m doing a more thorough job of nursing myself back to health and hopefully my experience will help other people along the way.

Antarctic Peninsular

The closest I’ll get to the South Pole

I was never destined for a luxury honeymoon in the sun; I roped Dave into sea sickness and bunkbeds instead. We voyaged to Antarctica on a Russian research ship and nothing could have prepared us for how vast, quiet, mesmerising and magical it was. Only after setting foot on Antarctica itself did we realise that I’d mistakenly booked us on a very rare hiking expedition that would allow us to visit seldom-seen areas of the Antarctic Peninsular …

Diet & Fasting

My Intermittent Fasting | Low-Sugar Lifestyle

Intermittent fasting has changed my life. It’s not about restricting calories, it’s about changing the times within which you eat. I feel great when I stick to a 4-hour eating window and a low-carb diet. I’ve done a few long-term low-calorie and water fasts but for me the trick is to be consistent with intermittent fasting and a ketogenic diet. Find out more below.

Mount Everest Base Camp, Nepal

Two failed attempts, many lessons learned

A lifelong dream of mine has been to summit Mount Everest (just over 29,000ft) to feel what it’s like to have such determination and focus. Back in the real world, however, I can’t even climb a ladder without feeling faint and certainly don’t belong on a mountain with proper climbers, so the closest I could get was trekking to Everest Base Camp (just under 17,600ft). I attempted it twice and failed twice; I don’t thrive at altitude, it turns out …

No rent? No bills? Our unique lifestyle

How we’ve lived without a home for 5 years

We’ve been living in other people’s homes, looking after their beloved pets while they’re away for 5 years now and we love the varied, minimalist lifestyle it offers. There’s no way we could afford to rent the homes we live in, even for a week, and we appreciate every night we have a roof above our heads. From Medieval mansions and ultra-modern beachside homes to off-grid cottages and cosy country retreats, we’ve experienced a wealth of homes, all of which bring out something different in our personalities. Find out more below.

Tristan da Cunha, South Atlantic

My voyage to the most remote inhabited island

I was spinning a globe at my parents’ house, resenting anyone who was abroad, when I spotted a tiny dot in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean. And so my dream of visiting the world’s most isolated settlement was born. I wanted to sit on the island, stare out to sea and feel what it was like to be the furthest from anywhere. It took me 5 years to find a place on a ship, so rarely is it visited, but I got to spend an even rarer week on the island.

Iceland: Land of Fire & Ice

My favourite place on the planet

Hands down the best holiday Dave and I have ever had was in Iceland. We’ve never taken in so many gasps at the beauty of a place, even Antarctica. We felt so relaxed and privileged because of the amount of space we felt around us and gobsmacked at how varied the country was – everything about it was amazing. We kept to a budget by not eating out and I managed to secure sponsorship for a Jeep, thanks to which we got to explore the south.

Help! I need gas!